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  • Hillary Setyo

How to Start Marketing on Pinterest

Are you using Pinterest to promote your side hustle? If not, it might be a good time to start.

Pinterest has about 200 million monthly users worldwide. The most common reason people come to Pinterest is to find inspiration and ideas. Pinterest may be the perfect medium for you to showcase your side-business to an interested consumer base in your niche market, as users on the app are already more open-minded towards discovering new products or brands.

Here are some ways to start marketing your brand on Pinterest.

1. High-Quality Content

Think of Pinterest as an engine to discover new images. Consumers can easily search for the product they want by typing it in the search engine, and pins from different brands of the product they are searching for will easily show up. This is why creating engaging content is key. It is important to use a vertical layout, as most users are on the mobile app, with a descriptive caption and a headline. Including your own logo also goes a long way in getting consumers to remember your branding.

There are a lot of different types of content you could post. The first type is high-quality, visually-appealing images. The second type is educational content, such as DIYs or recipes to help your followers learn new things. Posting infographics is also a creative way to engage your audience into learning about the market your brand is in. Finally, you could also post inspirational content revolving around your product in a particular setting or your product in action.

2. Your Pinterest Profile

Creating a business account is different from the personal account that you may already have. A business account dedicated to your brand is important as it allows you to utilize the bio function to describe your company and link your company website if you have one. It is also necessary to have a captivating logo as your profile picture which reflects your brand. You may also include a “Featured Boards” to give consumers an overview of your business.

3. Pins and Brand Exposure

The Pinterest Home feed is very personalized to your tastes and preferences, and so it will include a collection of pins that you follow or pins that are similar to your boards. Using relevant hashtags and keywords in your pin titles and descriptions and posting pins consistently is very important in getting people to take notice of your brand. Pinterest also enables you to engage with other related accounts, and by doing so, exposes your brand and pins to similar audiences. This way, your brand is able to reach a larger audience and have a following of its own.

Utilizing Pinterest to promote your products can be a significant game-changer to your business. If you’ve never heard about marketing your brand this way, it’s not a bad idea to try it out!


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